30 Incredible Images of Fashion During the Jazz Age of the 1920s

The Dolly Sisters (Jenny and Rosie), Paris, 1924, Modeling ‘Bulldog’ Collars by Marthe Regnier.
A woman can be seen wearing a snakeskin outfit coordinated with her car interior, circa 1927.
The Dolly Sisters (Jenny and Rosie), in ‘Paris Sans Voiles’ at the Ambassadeurs Theatre, Paris, 1923.
Mistinguett in ‘La Revue Mistinguett’, Moulin Rouge, 1925.
This window display at McCormick-Saeltzer department store in Redding, California, shows what bathing suits looked like circa 1925.
French tennis player Suzanne Lenglen can be seen wearing a Patou outfit and her trademark bandeau headwear, which became part of mainstream fashion in the 1920s.
French actress Andrée Spinelly can be seen in 1927 performing in Paris in a sparkly costume and headdress.
Rudolph Valentino and Natasha Rambova, New York, 1922.
Norma and Constance Talmadge, 1922.
A young woman in dress during the Jazz Age in America.
This Jean Patou dress, dating back to 1921, made out of georgette crepe and featuring a fringed waist, is modelled by the dancer Madame Lubovska.
Edward, Prince of Wales, is featured circa 1925 wearing an informal lounge suit along with a straw boater.
Showgirl Dolores Costello in 1919. She was a star of the Ziegfeld Follies and a leading influence on fashion.
These four men, photographed in America in 1921, illustrate the transitionary period in men’s fashion; from the Edwardian-era high collars on the men in the middle to the less formal, waistcoat-less style of the man on the left.
These men and women can be seen in 1929 in America, wearing almost identical bathing suits.
Louise Brooks, Prix De Beaute, 1929.
Beatrice Pratt as Isis.
Bessie Love, 1925.
Fred and Adele Astaire on the set of Lady Be Good, 1926.
Gertrude Lawrence and Noel Coward in London Calling, 1923.
Gilda Gray. 1925.
Norma Talmadge, 1922.
Anita Page, 1929
Anna May Wong, 1928
Bebe Daniels, 1925
Billie Dove, 1927
Dolores Costello, 1928
Gloria Swanson, 1922
Jacqueline Logan, 1928
Lili Damita, 1925


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