30 Vintage Color Photos Capture Classic Cars in the 1950s

A Bristol 401 hellicopter and a Bristol car, 1950s.
Boxer Sugar Ray Robinson leaning on his 1950 pink Cadillac convertible, Harlem, 1950s.
A Cadillac ‘Debutante,’ with leopard print seat covers, New York, 1950.
A Daimler Regency Saloon Convertible Coupe special series car, London, 1952.
A 1952 Lincoln Capri, 1952.
A Talbot Sunbeam car, 1952.
Simca, Paris, 1952.
Greenwich Village, New York, 1953.
Car show, Jardins De Bagatelle, Boulogne, 1954.
Mercedes W196 Silver Arrow car, 1954.
Lincoln Capri, 1955.
John Bryant with his AC sports car in Kinnerton Place, London SW1, 1955.
Sports car rally, Virginia, 1955.
Ford Thunderbird, Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria and Mercury Montclair Coup, 1955.
The car park at the Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami, 1955.
A Ford Zephyr convertible car on display, London, 1956.
A Plymouth station wagon, Stowe, Vermont, 1956.
An Oldsmobile Super 83 Holiday Coupe, 1956.
Mercedes 190 SL convertible car, 1956.
Marie-Helene Arnaud poses in the open door of a red MG convertible sports car, Paris, 1957.
A model sitting on the wing-back of a red 1959 Chevrolet Impala Convertible, 1958.
Japanese imported cars on display, 1958.
Audience watching a motor racing in an open field, 1959.
A young couple holding hands next to a 1959 Ford Thunderbird motor car, 1959.
Cars parked at Tiny Naylor’s drive-in, 1959.
A bubble-car Messerschmitt Roadster KR 200, Bavaria, 1959.
Taxis parked on the quayside in Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda, 1959.
Parents sitting inside a beach cave while watching their daughter on their red Mercury Monterey convertible, 1959.
A British built Aston Martin DB4 two-door hardtop coupe right-hand drive car, 1959.
A young couple drive in a 1958 Austin-Healey Sprite (Frogeye) car, 1959.

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