30 Amazing Photos of Beautiful Actresses From the 1960s

The counterculture movement of the 1960s had a quite an impact on films. Unlike anything prior, movies began to break social taboos involving sex, violence as well as other cultural norms. Films began causing controversy and fascination, which naturally led to curiosity.

Films as well as television programs in this period became increasingly dramatic and provocative as the cultural revolution got underway.

The cultural revolution was the beginning of the New Hollywood era that dominated the next several years in theater and television. The revolution changed the television and film industry for many years to come.

The following actresses were some of the most gorgeous, talented and symbolic beauties of television as well as films from the 1960s.

Barbara Bouchet
Brigitte Bardot
Britt Ekland
Carol Lynley
Catherine Deneuve
Claudia Cardinale
Claudine Auger
Elke Sommer
Faye Dunaway
Ingrid Pitt
Jacqueline Bisset
Jacqueline Pearce
Jane Birkin
Jane Fonda
Jayne Mansfield
Julie Andrews
Julie Newmar
Mary Tyler Moore
Mia Farrow
Mylène Demongeot
Natalie Wood
Olinka Berova
Raquel Welch
Sandra Dee
Sharon Tate
Sophia Loren
Susan Denberg
Ursula Andress
Veronica Carlson

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