40 Beautiful Fashion Photos From the 1940s

Constantin Joffé was born in Russia, and moved to France as a young man, at that time he joined the Volunteer French Foreign Legion and fought in WWII, he was captured and spent time in a concentration camp.

He spoke 5 languages, he was supposed to travel to the US on the Heindenburg, but missed the flight because he had to make a trip to the bathroom. He eventually made it to the US and became a professional photographer. He worked for Conde Nast and photographed fashion for Glamour Magazine.

He photographed the Marlborough Man, filmed the Hertz car commercials and filmed the first Joy dish washing commercial. He divided his career between fashion and commercial photography and film making. He moved to Florida in his later years, and died in 1992 after a long bout of Cancer.

(Photos Taken by Constantin Joffé)


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