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25 Vintage Photos of New York City During the 1890s

Looking Across the Washington Bridge toward the Bronx, 181st Street at the East River, 1891.

Broadway, Looking North from 66th Street, 1890.
Columbus Circle, Looking North East, 1892.
Looking East down 39th Street from 5th Avenue, 1899

59th Street, Looking West from Grand Army Plaza, 1894. The original Plaza Hotel is left. Central Park is off to the right.
Amsterdam Avenue at 100th Street, 1894.
The St. Paul Building, Broadway and Fulton Street, George B. Post, 1897.
42nd Street, 1890
5th Avenue and 14th Street, 1890
The Croton Aqueduct Distributing Reservoir, 40th Street and 5th Avenue, May 5, 1891.
Madison Avenue at 77th Street. The home of a Mr. Blind Tom Foley, his wife and son, May 11, 1891.
Central Park Ice Skating, 1890
Park Avenue South, 1890
Wall Street, Looking East from Federal Hall, 1895.
The World Building, Looking past City Hall, 1891.
5th Avenue at 59th Street, 1894.
Central Park West, 1890
The Dakota at Central Park West, 1890
Looking Up Broadway from Bowling Green, October 24, 1895.
Advertising for Barnum and Bailey’s Circus, 5th Avenue and 75th Street, April 8, 1891.
Gansevoort Market Meatpacking District, 1890
A group of children undertaking instruction as to the proportion of George Washington’s Pectoral Muscles, Washington D.C., 1899.
201-207 Broadway, Decorated for a Parade Promoting William McKinley and Garret Hobart for the Presidential Election, 1896.
New York Stock Exchange, 1890
Laying cable line for trolleys in Union Square, 1891

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