28 Vintage Photos Showing Service Stations in the US During the Early 20th Century

These amazing photos show what service stations in the US looked like in the 1920s and 1930s.

Jeff’s Texaco, Newburgh, New York Area, August 22, 1924
Western Oil Station at Pentwater, Michigan, 1926
Reeder’s Sinclair, Lake City, Michigan, June 29, 1927
Hazel Filling Station, West Virginia, May 12, 1929
Rest “A” While Camps, Clinton, Maine, August 28, 1929
Super X Gas Station at 910 Broadway, Newark, New Jersey, September 4, 1929
Shady Lawn Cottages – Texaco at Oakland, Iowa, circa late 1920s
Business District with Deep Rock Gasoline, Maple Lake, Minnesota, circa 1930s
Crystal Brook Farm, Derby Line, Vermont, circa 1930s
Gridley’s cabins, restaurant, and gasoline, Otter Lake, NY, circa 1930s
Howard Brothers Store & Socony Gas, Piermont, New Hampshire, June 21, 1930
Log Cabin Inn, Cold Brook, NY, circa 1930s
Tashers Indian Village & Texaco, South Bend, Indiana, circa 1930s
Butler’s Esso, Prescottville, Pennsylvania, June 1, 1933
Esso Station Route 11, Nicholson, Pennsylvania, August 1, 1933
Gochnour’s Lunch Room & Cottage, along old U.S. 220 between Bedford and Claysburg,
Osterburg, PA, August 14, 1933
Temple Cabins & Gulf Gasoline, West Wilton, New Hampshire, June 21, 1933
Conoco Stations at Eureka Springs, Arkansas, July 19, 1935
Heinz Grocery Meats, St Petersburg, Florida, February 15, 1935
Lincoln Lodge on U.S. 30, Ligonier, PA, August 5, 1935
Lone Spruce Lodge & Gulf Gasoline, Pittsfield, New Hampshire, August 19, 1935
Silver Spring Tavern at Bartlett, New Hampshire, July 3, 1937
Blue’s Gas Station, along U.S. 201 not far from the Canadian border, Jackman, Maine,
February 9, 1938
Dennie’s Corner, Shafer Lake, Indiana, August 2, 1938
Harvey’s Service Station, Route 219 near Oakland, Maryland, July 11, 1938
Hi-Way Texaco Service, Texline, Texas, September 5, 1938
Scenic City Kabin Kamp, Iowa Falls, Iowa, June 3, 1939
Stone Tavern on U.S. 219 near Oakland, Maryland, August 9, 1939

(Photos via Steve Hagy on Flickr)

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