40 Rare Photos of Native American Life during the Early 1900s Volume 1

A Klamath Chief Stands On A Hill Above Crater Lake, Oregon, 1923
An Apsaroke Man On Horseback, 1908
A Jicarrilla Girl, 1910
A Group Of Navajo In The Canyon De Chelly, Arizona, 1904
An Apsaroke Mother And Child, 1908
Sioux Chiefs, 1905
A Tewa Girl, 1906
A Nootka Man Aims A Bow And Arrow, 1910
Black Eagle, An Assiniboin Man, 1908
Piegan Teepees, 1910
Hollow Horn Bear, A Brulé Man, 1907
Mohave Woman, 1903
Apache Girl And Papoose, 1903
A Kwakiutl Wedding Party Arrives In Canoes, 1914
Nakoaktok Dancers Wear Hamatsa Masks In A Ritual, 1914
Eskadi, Of The Apache Tribe, 1903
A Kwakiutl Shaman Performs A Religious Ritual, 1914
Apache Woman, 1906
A Smoky Day At The Sugar Bowl, 1923
A Qagyuhl Man Dressed As A Bear, 1914
Walpi Maidens, 1906
A Qahatika Girl, 1907
Navajo Man, 1904
Crow Encampment With Tipis, Tents, Wagons, Horses And Men As Seen From The Distant Shore Of The River, 1908
Maricopa Child, 1907
Navajos, 1905
A Qagyuhl Woman Wears A Fringed Chilkat Blanket And A Mask Representing A Deceased Relative Who Had Been A Shaman, 1914
Piegan Girls Gather Goldenrod, 1910
A Koskimo Man Dressed As Hami (“dangerous Thing”) During A Numhlim Ceremony, 1914
A Hidatsa Man With A Captured Eagle, 1908
Medicine Crow, Of The Apsaroke Tribe, 1908
Hakalahl, A Nakoaktok Chief, 1914
Indian Woman Holding Rushes, 1908
A Young Member Of The Apache Tribe, 1910
A Wishran Girl, 1910
Apsaroke Man Wearing Medicine Hawk Headdress, 1908
A Kwakiutl Man Wearing A Mask Depicting A Man Transforming Into A Loon, 1914
The Primitive Artists-paviotso, 1924
A Kwakiutl Gatherer Hunts Abalones In Washington, 1910
A Hupa Spear Fisherman Watches For Salmon, 1923

(Photos by Edward Sheriff Curtis)

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