62 Amazing Vintage Photos of People and Their Motorcycles During the 1930s

Glendale, California police officers on V-series Harley-Davidsons, circa 1930.
Police officers marking tires using a Servi-car, 1934.
Sally Halterman was the first woman to obtain a motorbike licence in Washington D.C. in
A woman on her BMW motorcycle, 1935.
Marjorie Dare (Doris Smith) riding hands free around “The Wall of Death” sideshow at the
Kursaal amusement park in Essex, England, 1938.
Marjorie Dare performing, 1938.
A woman and a performing seal at a circus, 1935.
A woman trying out a Douglas motorcycle on display at the 18th Cycle and Motorcycle Show
in London, 1933.
Workers measuring the positions of footrests and controls on partially finished
motorcycles, 1933.
A woman setting off for a motorcycle rally in England, 1934.
A reverend blesses the motorcycle of a woman who is learning to drive, 1938.
A woman rider in the Six Days Motorcycle Trial, in which competitors have to cover 200
miles a day over rough terrain, 1933.
Montana motorcycle club in the 1930s
Mabeco Motorbike, 1930
Motorbike patrolman and young girls, 1930
Young woman on a motorcycle asking a chauffeur for directions, Paris, 1930
Joan Grimes, Australian Women’s Emergency Legion, learns to ride a motorcycle, to fit her
for the job as a dispatch rider, 1939.
Three people on a motorcycle, 1930
Officials cutting the starting ribbon at a speedway motorcycle race in Brisbane,
Australia, 1930.
Man dressed in a long dustcoat, hat and goggles with a motorcycle standing in front of a
painted backdrop in a studio, 1935.
Motorcycle racing, 1930.
Motor Cycle stunt team, Thrills and Spills, Bundaberg, Australia, 1937.
Brisbane, Australia, 1938
A driver wearing driving gloves and a dust jacket, on a Harley Davidson motorbike, 1930.
A driver on a 350cc Harley Davidson Peashooter, 1930.
People on their motocycles at a speedway race track, 1930.
A girl on her BSA motorbike, 1930s
British women on motorcycles, 1930s.

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