48 Vintage Photos of Parisian Women in the Early 20th Century

Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894–1986) was a French photographer and painter. Born in Courbevoie to a wealthy family, he is most famous for his photographs of automobile races, planes and fashionable Parisian women.

He started taking photographs when he was 7, his subject matter being primarily his own life and the people and activities in it. As a child he photographed his friends and family at play – running and jumping, racing wheeled soap boxes, building kites, gliders and aeroplanes, and climbing the Eiffel Tower.

He also photographed many famous sporting events, including automobile races such as the Coupe Gordon Bennett and the French Grand Prix, early flights by aviation pioneers including Gabriel Voisin, Louis Blériot, Louis Paulhan and Roland Garros, and the tennis player Suzanne Lenglen at the French Open tennis championships.

Below is a collection of 48 photographs taken by Jacques Henri Lartigue, they capture everyday life of Parisian women from the early 20th century.

(Photos by Jacques Henri Lartigue)

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