20 of the Coolest Vintage Surf Wagons

Everyone loves vintage American cars from the 1950s and ’60s. It was a time when wheel arches were low-slung, headlights popped like frog’s eyes and chrome was splashed around as if it was going out of fashion.

In a sense it was – cars certainly aren’t built that way any more. But that just makes the ones that are left all the better, especially when they’re turned into custom surf wagons.

Shown is a collection of 20 of the sickest surf-mobiles you’ll ever see…

The Great White Whale
The Green Flash
The ’61 Chevrolet Parkwood
The Mean Lime Green Machine
The Battered ’54 Chevvy Bel Air
The Wooden Wagon
The Converted Corvette
The Brown Beast
The ’48 Wooden Wagon
The Yellow Jallopy
The Make Like a Tree
The Red & White Chevy Bel Air
The ’70s Buick Roadmaster
The Sunset-Splattered Van
The Red Shark
The Dark Horse
The Battered White Beach Cruiser
The Ghost Busters Go Surfing
The Wood-Walled Station Wagon
The Ford Surf Wagon

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