22 Amazing Vintage Autochrome Photographs From the Early 20th Century

A family at Margate beach, England, 1915
A pomegranate seller in front of Ponte Vecchio, Florence
Austria in 1925
Belgium in the 1910s
China in 1912
Egypt in 1913
Gipsy woman at Oudegracht in Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1915
Highland Castle, Scotland, ca. 1920s
Japanese women wade into water to bathe, 1928
Locals at a dilapidated cottage in Cornall, England, 1913
Long Bien bridge in Vietnam, ca. 1910s
Market in the Crimea, ca. 1909-14
Mongolia in 1913
Norway in 1910
Oeschinen Lake in Kandersteg, Switzerland, 1909
Roadside shops in Paris, ca. 1900s
Russia in the 1910s
Spinning in Galway, Ireland, 1913
St. Mark’s Cathedral, Venice, 1925
Swimmers in Silver Lake, New York, ca. 1900s
The robed women are from a village outside of Sidi Kacem, Morocco, 1909
Two women stroll the countryside in their modern dress, Dinkelsbuhl, Germany, ca. 1910s

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