54 Amazing Vintage Photos From the 1920s

Flappers seated in automobile
ca. 1920s
Plainclothes police, New Orleans, LA
The bootlegger, Charley Birger, (seated, center on car roof, with machine gun) and his Illinois Gang 1927
Small-time crooks, ca. 1924
Mary Katarine Campbell getting a shoe fitting during the 1923 Miss America contest.
Miss America pageant 1923
Al Capone, called before a grand jury, talks to a man in Chicago, Ill.
March 21st, 1929.
Authorities unload cases of whiskey crates labeled as green tomatoes from a refrigerator car in the Washington yards on May 15, 1929.
Estelle Zemon shows the vest and pant-apron used to conceal bottles of alcohol to deceive border guards during the U.S. alcohol prohibition on March 18, 1931.
Dance marathons were both genuine endurance contests and staged performance events
A detective about to mount a patrol car in 1921.
Ernest Hemingway in Paris, 1924
A jazz orchestra in Texas, 1921.
Directing traffic the Minneapolis way, 1923
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1925
Cafe du Dome, Paris 1928.
Fun at the Wannsee, Berlin, 1925.
In Chicago, a woman is being arrested for defying a Chicago edict banning “abbreviated bathing suits” on beaches, 1922.
Enforcement of a rule at a beach in Washinton, D.C., that bathing suits cannot be shorter than six inches over the knee. 1922.
Two bathers being escorted off the beach by a police woman, Chicago, 1922.
Hazel McGuinness was charged along with her mother Ada McGuiness with possession of cocaine, 26 July 1929.
Children boxing in an outdoor match, 1921.
Cyclists, 1920.
Street cleaners clear slushy snow off the sidewalk, Paris, 1922.
A man gets his shoes shined, 1929.
New York City Police officers dump confiscated alcohol into a sewer, 1921
Flapper on the beach, 1920’s.
London Bus, 1928
Photo by Cecil Beaton for Vogue, 1927

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