60 Vintage Photos Showing Street Life in Belfast During the Early 1910s

These photographs come from the Belfast Corporation archive and were taken by Alexander Hogg (1870–1939). The photographs show various properties, mainly older houses, to be demolished or otherwise affected by improvement schemes undertaken by the Corporation under the Belfast Improvement Order (1910) and the Belfast Corporation Act (1911).

Although focused on the properties, the photographs contain an interesting record of street life in Belfast, including inner city areas, the suburbs and the commercial centre, before and in the early years of the Great War. Most include people, particularly children, generally arranged in groups in the foreground of the scene. They also give a vivid impression of the quality of the housing stock in these areas.

Locations covered include: Little York Street; Millfield (including Gardiner Street, Brown Street and Boundary Street); mid Shankill (Hemsworth Street); Grovenor Road (Stanley Street); Hamill Street; Barrack Street; and Lower Falls (Christian Place); Mill Street; King Street; Divis Street; Manor Street; Crimea Street; Tate’s Avenue; Chichester Street; Victoria Street; Cromac Square; Shankill Road; Woodvale Road and Antrim Road.

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