16 Vintage Celebrity Driver’s Licenses

It’s easy to forget that celebrities are real people, especially ones that were before our time. But these vintage driver’s licenses of celebs show us that whoever you are, you still need the right papers to ride your own cars.

Johnny Cash’s California driver’s license issued in 1964.
Robert De Niro’s taxicab licence from 1976.
California driver’s license allegedly issued to Charles Manson in 1967.
California driver’s license for one Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, which was sold for at auction back in 2008 for a mere $8,000.
California driver’s license issued to Dean Paul Martin in 1967.
James Brown has the cheeriest driver’s license photo ever!
Janis Joplin’s driver’s license.
Davy Jones of the Monkees.
Steven Tyler of Aerosmith (aka Steven Tallarico) and his diver’s—not drivers, diver’s—license issued in Hawaii in 1987.
A young Michael Jackson’s Malibu Grand Prix Racing license.
Rue McClanahan the actress who played badass Blanche Devereaux on the television series ‘The Golden Girls.’
When you are Jacqueline Kennedy, you don’t need to list your weight on your driver’s license…
Liberace! This one was sold in an auction in 1988 for $4,188.
A 1934 driver’s license issued to Francis Sinatra, before he got his first big break in the music industry.
The Last Driver’s License of John Wayne, 1977. Issued by the State of California on “May 12, 1977.”
Jim Morrison’s driver license

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