25 Wild & Wonderful Disco Records from Around the World

Daddy’s Disco – Rüdiger Wolff
What Shall We Do When the Disco’s Over? – The Richard Hewson Orchestra
Disco Bambina – Heather Parisi
Borinquen Disco Party – Titti Sotto
Les Plus Grands Succes DISCO – Martin Davis
Discopedia Vol. 2 – Mirror Image
Tarantella Disco – Cosa Nostra Disco Band
Disco World – Various Artists
Disco Double Gold – Various Artists
Do It For Me – Disco Jennifer
Disco Love Affair – Mystic
Disco Shock – Various Artists (Finland)
Cookie Disco – Sesame Street
Disco Fever – Various Artists (Brazil)
Discoboom – Various Artists
D.I.S.C.O. – Ottawan
Disco Dynamite! – Various Artists
Superman and Other Disco Hits – The Doctor Exx Band
Westbound Disco Sizzlers – Various Artists
Quisqueya Disco Party – Tito Delgado Y Su Orquesta
In the Navy – Irwin the Disco Duck
Disco Saturday Nacht – Eine Kleine Disco Band
Captain Kirk’s Disco Trek – Keys
Discomania – Café Créme
Disco Radio Action – Various Artists

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