39 Amazing Portrait Photos of Mexican People in the 1860s

Here’s a photo album of Mexican occupationals made by the studio “Cruces y Campa” in the 1860s. The album contains portraits of occupations, vendors and marketeers.

Antíoco Cruces and Luis Campa made a brilliant career as photographers in Mexico City from between the years of 1862 and 1877. Their studio called Art Photography was located near the Metropolitan Cathedral. They were very successful in the year 1872 marketing thousands of business cards with the portrait of President Benito Juarez, who had died in July.

Their postcards were popularly known as “Business Cards” and their sales was very popular both in Mexico and in Europe. These portraits are approximately 7 cm high by 5 cm wide, and were stuck in rigid boards that measured 10 cm by 6 cm. They succeeded in selling themselves with great success as a novelty of the time.

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