50 Magnificent Photos of Cities of the World During the 19th and 20th Century

Prague, Czech Republic in 1964.
Moscow, Russia in 1977.
Bombay, India in 1880.
Athens, Greece in the 1930s.
Gothenburg, Sweden in 1961.
London, England in 1920.
London, England in 1950.
Rome, Italy in 1949.
Melbourne, Australia in the 1930s.
Milan, Italy in 1950.
Paris, France in 1948.
Dresden, Germany, 1857
Nuremberg, Germany, 1860
Port Said, Egypt, 1888
Montreal, Canada, 1893
Agrigento, Italy, 1893
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1906
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, 1904
Mexico City, Mexico, 1904
Luxembourg City, 1972
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, 1940s
Rio de Janeiro, 1920
Johannesburg, South Africa, 1900
Sydney, Australia, 1932
Budapest, Hungary, 1900
Oslo , Norway 1905
Calcutta, India 1880s
New York City, 1905
Toronto, Canada, 1902
Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1917
Manila, Philippines, 1901
San Salvador, El Salvador, 1950.
Madrid, Spain 1930
Havana, Cuba 1907
Vienna, Austria 1900
Warsaw, Poland 1930s
London, England 1930s
Melbourne, Australia 1916
Stockholm, Sweden 1949
Nairobi, Kenya 1939
Cairo, Egypt 1930s
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 1940s
New York City 1903
Boston, Massachussetts 1904
Glasgow, Scotland 1890
Paris, France 1926
Sydney, Australia 1904
Kobe, Japan 1938
Chicago, Illinois 1942
Lisbon, Portugal 1902

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