50 Amazing Vintage Photos of Airplanes of World War 2, Volume 1

B-17 Flying Fortress, a B-24 Liberator and a P51 Mustang
2 Hawker Hurricanes and 5 Supermarine Spitfires of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at
Duxford airshow, May 2007
Messerschmitt Me-262
Avro Lancasters of No 57 Squadron, Royal Air Force, lined up in the dusk at Scampton,
Lincolnshire, before an operation.
Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft from World War II come together over Lincolnshire, for the
Lincolnshire Lancaster Association Day event held at RAF Coningsby.
A dramatic ending of a BF-109
Douglas A-20 Havoc
Close up of the nose of a PBY Catalina (Corpus Christi, Texas, United States, 1942)
Junkers Ju 52, nicknamed “Auntie Ju”
Curtiss Helldivers somewhere over the Pacific
Halifax Bomber
The legendary Don Bullock was well known for his low level flying… in particular in B-
Seven SBD Dauntless dive-bombers in flight, circa 1942
Oberleutnant Fischer of 7 JG 27 survived this forced landing in Windsor Great Park on
September 30 1940 after losing out to RAF fighters.
P-38 machine gun firing test. 50 caliber machine guns firing with every 5th shell a tracer
in 3 second bursts.
Hellcat back in Hawaii all patched up from Japanese machine gun fire…
The Short Stirling was the first four-engined British heavy bomber of the Second World War.
The Stirling was designed and built by Short Brothers to an Air Ministry specification from 1936,
and entered service in 1941.
B-29 Dauntless Dotty, flown by LTC Robert K. Morgan lead the first B-29 raids over Tokyo.
Martin PBM Mariners
Helldiver waveoff, USS Bunker Hill, Caribbean
Helldivers of VB-87
Avenger of Ens. R.J. Bye, USS Enterprise
Dauntless v house
Corsair, VF-17, Bunker Hill 1943
Corsair, VF-17, USS Bunker Hill 1943
Corsairs off USS Hancock
Corsairs, VF-12
C-47 over the Pyramids, 1943.
‘The Black Sheep’ Sqn
B-17 and Mustang
B-17 v airfield
Damaged Avenger- the pilot would make it to safety
Through flak and over the destruction created by preceding waves of bombers, these 15th Air Force B-24s leave Ploesti, Rumania, after one of the long series of attacks against the No. 1 oil target in Europe..
A B-24 flying over a burning oil refinery at Ploesti, Rumania, 1 August 1943.
B-25s over Mount Vesuvius,Italy March 23, 1944
Ash is swept off the wings of an American B-25 Mitchell medium bomber of the 340th
Bombardment Group on March 23, 1944 after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
B-25 covered in ash from Vesuvius
Avenger ditching

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