46 Amazing Vintage Photos Showing Turn-Of-The-Century New York’s Immigrant Slums

“Bandit’s Roost,” a notorious hangout for the criminal element at 59 Mulberry Street in Little Italy, 1888. At the time, the area was among the most impoverished and crime-ridden in the entire city.
Pike and Henry Streets in the Lower East Side, with the Manhattan Bridge looming in the background, 1936.
Beggar with his hand out, 1900.
Rivington Street in the Lower East Side, 1900.
Children lick a massive block of ice to stay cool on July 6, 1912.
An Italian immigrant carries a dry goods box down Bleecker Street, February 1912.
A beggar sits on the street, early 1900s.
Street children sleeping, 1890.
An Italian immigrant’s shop on Mott Street, 1912.
Refuse piles up at the entrance to the tenements at 53 to 59 MacDougal Street, February 1912.
Things got even worse during the garbage strike of November 8-11, 1908. Pictured: Crowds and police gather in the street during the strike.
The “White Wings” clean the streets, under police protection, during the garbage strike of November 8-11, 1908.
Children play near a dead horse left to rot in the street, 1905.
Children gather in Mullen’s Alley in the Cherry Hill area of lower Manhattan, 1888.
A woman carries a bundle of clothing to be sewn at home near Astor Place, February 1912.
A street peddler who’d slept in a basement at 11 Ludlow Street in the Lower East Side, 1899.
Two women and a man gather in front of outhouses at an unspecified location, circa 1902-1914.Most turn-of-the-century New York City tenements didn’t have indoor plumbing.
A food vendor sells his wares in the streets of the Lower East Side on February 24, 1917.
Dead bodies lie in an alley off Monroe Street following a nearby fire, December 1913.
Men wait on the bread line in the Bowery on February 7, 1910.
Jewish immigrants carry packages of matzo, April 1908.
The Municipal Lodging House for the homeless sits across the street from an abandoned lot on 25th Street, circa 1909-1920.
The house opened in February 1909 to help treat a citywide homelessness problem that saw as many as 600 new applicants looking for shelter each day.
Men stand at a corner on Chinatown’s Pell Street, 1900.
Crowds at Pitt and Rivington Streets in the Lower East Side, 1915.
Street festival in Little Italy, 1908.
Clothes line the railings of the tenements at 260 to 268 Elizabeth Street, March 1912.
Street dweller, 1890.
Children wearing signs in English and Yiddish protest child labor conditions on May 1, 1909.
Boys in Hell’s Kitchen demonstrate how they rob people who have passed out.
Children behind the tenements at 134 1/2 Thompson Street, February 1912.
Two newspaper boys asleep in the press room of The Sun, 1892.
Chinatown storefront, 1903.
107th Street just east of 3rd Avenue, February 1912.
Street merchants in Little Italy, 1900
Children prepare to transport a load of kimonos on Thompson Street, February 1912.
Hell’s Kitchen, just before 1890.
Impoverished populations in the Lower East Side, late 1800s.
Impoverished populations in the Lower East Side, late 1800s.
The Bowery, February 1912.
21-23 Pearl Street, circa 1890-1919.
Stevedore working in the fish market of the Lower East Side, May-June 1943.
A boy uses the curbside water pump at Trinity Place, just south of Cedar Street, 1902.
Orchard Street in the Lower East Side, 1900s.
Ten-year-old child waits to walk across Broadway at Leroy Street, February 1912.

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