35 Vintage Photos of Moscow during the 1930s

Eirik Sundvor (1902 – 1992) was a Norwegian journalist of Avisa Nidaros from 1924 to 1940, and 1945 to 1957. Sundvor fled to England where he was the editor of the Norwegian Tidend in London with his wife during the war. He was responsible for the release of the first free Norwegian newspaper in Finnmark in 1945.

After Avisa Nidaros entered as a daily newspaper, Sundvor moved back to Bergen, where he originally came from. Here he worked as a correspondent for Dagbladet in Western Norway.

These amazing photos are from a trip to the Soviet Union made by Eirik Sundvor. They document everyday life of Moscow in 1935.

(Photos by Eirik Sundvor)

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