44 Amazing Vintage Photos Showing Massachussetts During the 1900s

Massachusetts was an amazing place in the early 20th century. From bustling cities to quiet rural communities and even historic landmarks, these vintage photos show just how different life in this state was in the early 1900s.

NANTASKET HOUSE, OLD HULL MASSACHUSETTS, EARLY 1900S Nantasket House, Old Hull Massachusetts, Early 1900s
Main St, Springfield, Mass. 1900
Federal Building, Springfield, Mass. 1908
Main Street, Worcester, Mass. 1906
Holyoke, Massachusetts, 1908.
The railroad arch over Main Street in Springfield, Massachusetts, 1900
Old Corner Bookstore, Washington School Streets, Boston, Mass, 1900
Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass, 1900
Tremont Street, Boston, Mass, 1906
Washington Street, Boston, Mass, 1906
The outbound platform at the Park Street station in Boston, on August 5, 1901.
Washington St, Boston, Mass, 1906
Springfield, Mass, 1908.
Springfield, Mass, 1908.
A women’s basketball team at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, 1902
Boston Elevated Railway. Sullivan Square Station. 1901.
Boston Elevated Railway. Equipment. Two car train. 1900.
U.S.S. Maryland in dry dock, Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, Massachusetts, 1905
Playground in Tenement Alley, Boston, MA, 1909
Pin boys in Les Miserables Alleys. Lowell, Mass, 1908
Racing at the Readville racetrack in Boston, Massachusetts, 1909
Crowded Boston Street, 1900.
Boston’s Post Office Square, 1904
Central Massachusetts Railroad Relocation, viaduct from the east, Clinton, MA, 1903
Ringling Brothers circus parade, Dana, Mass, 1900
Ringling Brothers circus parade, Dana, Mass, 1900
The beginning stages of construction of the Wachusett Dam in Clinton, Mass, 1903
Boys picking over garbage on “the Dumps.” Boston, Mass, 1908.
On August 25, 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt delivered a speech in Nahant, Massachusetts.
Washington Street, Boston, Mass, 1906
Six boys playing handball on street in Fall River, Massachusetts. 1900
Six boys playing handball on street in Fall River, Massachusetts. 1909
North Terminal, Boston, Massachusetts, 1905
Scollay Square Station, Boston, Mass, 1906
Commonwealth Ave., Boston,Mass, 1902
Boston, Massachusetts, 1900.
Worcester Massachusetts, 1909
Worcester Massachusetts, 1909
Merrimack Street, Lowell, Mass, 1908
Chatham Street, Worcester Mass, 1900
Poultry and Chicago Cattle hung outside the Worcester Market, Main Street, Worcester Mass. 1900
Main Street in Gloucester, Massachusetts, 1900
Tremont Street Mall, Boston, Mass, 1900
Park Street Church, Boston, Mass, 1904

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