57 Amazing Photos Showing New York City Street Scenes in the 1970s

Take a look to see how much New York has changed from the 1970s through these amazing color snapshots below.

5th Avenue and 58th Street, 1970
7th Avenue and 42nd Street, New York City, 1970
9th Avenue and 40th Street, 1970
34th street between 5th and 6th, 1979
42nd Street, 1975
57th Street, 1979
59th Street and 5th Avenue, 1977
Atop the World Trade Center, 1976
Broadway and 12th. St., 1970
Broadway at West 48th St., Midtown Manhattan, 1978
Brooklyn Bridge, 1973
Cedar Street, NYC, 1975
Columbus Ave. and West 73rd Street, 1979
Coney Island, 1973
East Second Street between Avenues C & D, facing North, 1980
Fifth Ave., 1979
Greenwich Village, NYC, 1973
Harlem, 1971
Looking south along the Damrak, Amsterdam, ca. 1970s
Lower East Side, 1971
Madison Ave and 64th Street, 1979
Madison Ave., 1979
Main Street and Kissena Boulevard , Queens, October 15, 1973
Manhattan Bridge tower in Brooklyn, New York City, framed through nearby buildings, June 1974
Manhattan, New York, 1970
Morton St. looking east, 1973
Morton Street, 1973
New York City, 1970
New York City, 1975
New York, 1970
Nippon Club, NYC, 1971
NYC in 1976
NYC in 1979
NYC in 1979
NYC in 1979
NYC in 1979
NYC in 1979
NYC in 1979
NYC in 1979
NYC policemen, 1975
NYC subway, 1973
NYC, 1974
Ohrbach’s, NYC, 1979
Park Avenue, 1979
Park Avenue, NYC, 1970
Second Ave., 1979
Seventh Ave and W22th street, Jan. 1976
Sixth Ave., 1973
Subway car in NYC, 1973
Times Square, 1972
Times Square, 1973-74
Times Square, 1974
Times Square, 1975
Times Square, 1976
W23 Street, Jan 1976
WTC twin towers, NYC, 1978

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