45 Incredible Photos Showing Victorian Era People at Work.

Barges at Brigg, North Lincolnshire, 1901
C J Kino, 164 Fenchurch Street, City of London, 1888
Charwelton Station, Northamptonshire, 1900
Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company Limited, Alma Street, Coventry, 1897
Early Blanket Factory, Witney, Oxfordshire, 1880s
Fisher Row, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 1900
Fishermen on the Shore at Deal, Kent, 1890
Frank Cooper’s Works, Victoria Buildings, Park End Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 1900
Fruit seller at Castle Green, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, 1898
King Street, Maidenhead, Windsor and Maidenhead, 1880s
Packing fish, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, 1896
Pembroke College, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 1890s
Post lady, Kerrier, Cornwall, 1901
Royal Cafe, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, 1888
The Field Offices, Breams Buildings, City of London, 1891
Tootal, Broadhurst and Lee Warehouse, Oxford Road, Manchester, 1900
Tower Bridge Hotel, Tower Bridge Road, Southwark, London, 1897
Two servants, Byfield, Northamptonshire, 1901
Workers at Charwelton, Northamptonshire, 1900
Workers making hay, Cornwall, 1901
A man takes a cooling drink from a stall. The vendor stands nearby on a crate. 1898
A view of a food stall at a fairground. The man in the centre may be looking after a hot fat fryer, perhaps for making chips. 1898
The Temperance Sweep’ and a barefooted boy small enough to fit inside narrow passages. 1870s
A Victorian shellfish stall holder selling oysters and whelks. 1870s
A street locksmith mending locks at his stall on the spot. 1877
Victorian ‘Mush-Fakers’ and ginger beer makers with their cart. 1877
A Victorian fruit seller shouts out ‘strawberries, all ripe, all ripe’ in a London street. 1873
A street trader and shoeshine in Victorian London. 1870s
A Victorian fancy wear dealer selling ornaments from his barrow. 1870s
Bristol Tramways & Carriage Company, 1875
First electric-cables being laid in Bristol’s High Street, 1893
This image from Jevington, East Sussex in 1888 shows how a cornstack was built.
A group of fisherman pose on the beachfront in Sheringham in Norfolk in 1893
Construction of Manchester Ship Canal, 1889
J Plater’s Cart, Van & Carriage Works, Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, 1900.
The Independent Bootblack, 1870s
Workers start the new Stockport Viaduct, which became the biggest brick structure in Europe. 1840s
Farmers on the Norfolk Broads, 1886
Butchers, 1888
Shopkeepers, 1888
Victorian children in their Sunday best get in on the picture at Manchester House hosier and draper, with its bunting of stockings. 1888
Iron mongers taking a break, 1897
Circus performers bring their instruments and exotic animals to Taplow in Buckinghamshire in 1885
London postmen meet the Mail Train, 1898
London, A Ginger Cake Seller, Greenwich 1884.

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