30 Wonderful Photographs of Life in London During the 1930s

Bill Brandt was a British photographer and photojournalist. Although born in Germany, Brandt moved to London in 1933 and began documenting all levels of British society. This kind of documentary was uncommon at that time.

Lamplighter, Kensington, 1930.
Misty Evening in Sheffield, 1937.
Piccadilly Circus, 1934.
Street scene, 1936.
Sunday Evening, 1936.
Family Fireside, 1936.
Halifax, 1937.
Parlourmaid and Underparlourmaid Ready to Dinner, London, 1933.
Children in Sheffield, 1930.
Early Morning on the River, London Bridge, 1936.
Eva and Lyena, 1934.
Early Morning on the Thames, London, 1939.
Flower Seller in Hampstead, 1935.
An Epsom Bookmaker, Derby Day, 1933.
Domino Players, North London Pub, 1935.
A Lyons Nippy (Miss Hibbott), 1939.
Policeman in a Bermondsey Alley, 1938.
A Snicket in Halifax, 1937.
East End girl dancing the Lambeth Walk, 1939.
Rainswept Roofs, 1930s.
Battersea Bridge, 1930s.
Tic-Tac Men at Ascot Races, 1935.
Girls looking out of a window, ca. 1930s.
Hatter’s Window, Bond Street, ca. 1931-35.
Gold Cup Day at Ascot, 1933.
Cook and Kitchen Maids Preparing Dinner, 1936.
Epsom Races, 1933.
East Durham, 1937.
Grand Union Canal, Paddington, 1938.
Evening in Kew Gardens, London, ca. 1932-1935.

(Photos by Bill Brandt)

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