17 Haunting Mugshots of Women in the Early 1900s

Here’s what looked like the British criminal women in the 1900s! These vintage mugshots are a selection from a photo album of prisoners, brought before the police court of North Shields. Most of these women were arrested for shoplifting and larceny.

Alice Caush arrested for larceny, 31st October 1903
Annie Anderson arrested for alleged theft of a watch, 25th August 1903
Catherine Buck arrested for stealing sheets, 3 February 1905
Catherine Mackenzie arrested for larceny, 15th February 1904
Catherine O Brien arrested on 11th November 1903
Charlotte Branney arrested for larceny, 5th January 1904
Isabella Scott arrested for larceny, 27 September 1904
Jane Forbes arrested for larceny, 26th January 1905
Jane Thompson alias Gordon arrested for stealing a pair of boots, 13th July 1904
Kate Stobbs arrested for stealing from her landlady, 11th June 1903
Mabel Smith arrested for larceny, 28th September 1903
Mary A. Butts arrested for larceny, 20th December 1904
Mary Johnson arrested for larceny, 8 August 1904
Mary Scott alias Wilson arrested for stealing clothes, 14th December 1903
Nora Jane McCartney alias Marcella Turnbull alias Bulman arrested for larceny, 4 April 1905
Sarah Patterson arrested for trying to steal money from a gas meter, 14th March 1904
Susannah Adamson arrested for stealing a man’s purse, 15th February 1904

(Photos from Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums)

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