25 Amazing Photos Show How Inside the Shops Looked Like From the Early 20th Century

An amazing photo collection shows how inside the shops looked like from the early 20th century.

Art glass shop in San Francisco
Auto repair shop, Whittier, California
Bakery in St. Matthews, South Carolina
Barber shop in Los Angeles, CA
Barber shop, Canby, Minnesota
Charleroi City Grocery, 321 5th Street, Charleroi, Pennsylvania
Composing room in a print shop
Father and son in their shoe repair shop, Unionville, Connecticut
Fenske’s Hardware Store in Creston, Illinois
Ice cream, soda, candy & cigar shop in a small town, Berks County, Pennsylvania
In the carpenters’ shop, Addington Park Military Hospital, London
In a hat shop
A blacksmith shop in Laurel, Iowa
People at a drugstore in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic
Inside a store in Germany from the early 20th century
Man, woman and child in fruit and vegetable shop
Manhart Store interior, Plum Avenue, Sedalia, Colorado
Martins Store in the Rio de Janeiro’s downtown
Pennsylvania butcher shop
People in a general store
Printing shop on Norfolk Island
The wheelwright shop in the Carl Spoerer’s Sons factory located at numbers 901-909 South Carey Street, Baltimore
Waitrose store, Gloucester Road, London
A fruiterer in a white apron in his greengrocer shop
A hardware shop in Jet, Oklahoma

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