44 Classic Photos Showing Celebrities Playing Pool

Natalie Wood and Hugh O’Brian play bumper pool, 1958
W.C. Fields
Natalie Wood and Tony Curtis, 1950s
Marlon Brando relaxing and playing pool on the set of Viva Zapata, 1952
American author Mark Twain
Dean Martin
Natalie Wood learns to play pool with Tony Curtis, 1963
Jamie Lee Curtis
Janis Joplin
Elvis Presley, 1956
Marilyn Monroe, 1960
Elizabeth Taylor, 1950s
Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift, 1950s
Marlon Brando teaches to Teresa Wright how to play billiard on the set of The Men, 1950
Jack Lemmon and Kim Novak play pool between shots of The Notorious Landlady 1962
Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney
Sophia Loren
Marlene Dietrich
Spock and Captain Kirk
Paul Newman
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Laurel & Hardy
The Rat Pack Shooting Pool, 1960
Batman & Robin
Jayne Mansfield
Barack Obama
Bill Clinton stops in to shoot pool at American Joe’s Bar, 1992
Walter Cronkite
Bob Hope
Jackie Gleason, Paul Newman, George C. Scott on the set of The Hustler (1961).
Paul Newman
Paul Newman & Tom Cruise
John Lennon
Michael Jackson
Elvis Presley
Dean Martin, 1966
Bruce Springsteen
Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother playing pool in 1961
Barbara Bush playing pool
Telly Savalas
Babe Ruth
Brigitte Bardot
Dustin Hoffman
Christopher Walken

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