50 Amazing Vintage Photos From the 1950s Volume 2

Girard Avenue Route 15, Philadelphia, 1956.
Boston, Mass., 1950s
A banner on Grant Street, San Francisco, welcomes visitors to Chinatown. 1950s
Broadway, Los Angeles, July 31, 1954.
Marlene Dietrich fixes the shoe of Édith Piaf on Piaf’s wedding day in 1952.
The real good old days, in the time of hard shoes, short haircuts and blue jeans, 1952.
Vikki Dougan walking down the street, 1950.
East 59th Street from Automat Cafeteria, New York City, 1950.
A visit to a linen factory in Northern Ireland, around 1955 – 1956.
London book store, 1956.
Dad in the dunes, 1950s.
Artist and assorted kibitzers in Montmartre, Paris, 1952.
6th and Spring Streets, Los Angeles, 1957.
Jesuit priests hear confessions from catholic pilgrims at the Martyr’s Shrine, near Midland, Canada in 1955.
Near Times Square, New York, 1950s.
Actress Joi Lansing, 1950s
Rockaway Beach, New York, summer 1950.
Looking North East up Royal Street at St Ann, French Quarter, New Orleans, 1956.
Pantie vendor, Maxwell Street Flea Market, Chicago, 1955.
A family visits Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 1950s.
The Voluptuous Wanda, Street Fair, Paris, 1953.
Grand Central Terminal, New York City, 1959.
Marseille, France, 1952.
No White People Allowed in the Zoo Today, 1950s.
Daytona Beach, Florida, 1956.
Bath, England, 1959.
Bedtime, 1950.
Christmas night, Clifton avenue looking south, Lakewood, New Jersey, ca. 1950s.
Girls looking at painted windows, Reisterstown, Maryland, 1950.
A mother and her son watch a nuclear bomb testing in Las Vegas, Nevada, 1953.
School days, New Deal, Texas, 1957.
Hanging out at the Malt Shop, 1956.
Cool hair chairs, 1950s
A student studies in her dorm room, Massachusetts, 1950s.
Good life in France, 1959.
Workers stress-test dolls at a factory in Long Island, 1955.
Ukrainian immigrants in the United States offer free borscht to celebrate Stalin’s death, 1953.
A female bus conductor in Tokyo, 1955.
Traffic and pedestrians bustle in Piccadilly Circus, London, 1950s.
Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando in 1955
The Shah of Iran with his eldest daughter, Shahnaz on her wedding day, 1957
Nat King Cole and little Natalie, 1950s.
Marilyn Monroe, 1950
Police communication 1950s style.
Times Square, 1952.
Model Betty Page, 1950s
New York, 1950.
Men’s clothing store, 1950s.
Showgirls, 1950.
Jane Fonda stretching her legs in a limo while playing cards, 1958.

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