42 Photos Of People From Around The World At The Turn Of The 20th Century

Man peddling vegetables, Japan, 1890-1923.
A witch doctor, 1920-1930.
Kenyan man, 1880-1923.
Indigenous Filipinos hold baby, 1890-1923.
Serbian man wearing hat, vest, belted pants, and pointed toed shoes with cane standing outside of building in Yugoslavia, 1880-1924.
Patriarch Harootiun Vehabedian of the Armenian church wearing hood, robe and five medals, 1880-1924.
Nubian woman, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, 1890-1923.
Nubian woman, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, 1890-1923.

Dervish man, 1920-1930.
Mexican people with guitars, 1923.
Chola cook, 1900-1923.
Empress Sunmyeong (1872-1904), the first wife of Emperor Sunjong of Korea (1874-1926), 1890-1904.
East African official for Germany, formerly a sultan, Tanganyika, Africa,1902.
Sudanese woman, 1890-1923.
An Aymara Indian, Bolivia, 1900-1923.
Eskimo boy wearing ragged clothing made from flour sacks, Belcher Islands, Northwest Territories, Canada, 1927.
“Fete day costume, ‘Shkypetars,’ men of the eagle, as Albanians are known in their own country …1923.”
Camels draw water from Egyptian well, 1905.
Anatomy class in Sudan, 1890-1923.
Bedouin woman, 1900-1910.
Emir Nawwaf, a desert sheik, 1910-1920.
India — Fakir with monkeys, 1890-1920.
Woman holding a baby on a street in Istanbul, 1915-1923.
Woman in old Greek Costume, 1920
Two gypsy women standing, Palestine, 1893.
Head hunters in the upper Amazon, Brazil, 1890-1923.
Boy and girl dancing in Scotland, 1900-1925
Two women posing in Palestine, 1910-1925.
Japanese bedroom with thick quilt used as a bed, 1890-1923.
Kling boy in India, 1890-1923.
Kling people, Singapore, 1890-1923.
Panama–Spraying oil on breeding places of mosquitoes, 1890-1925.
Priest sitting in India, 1890-1900.
Group of Russian peasants, 1875.
Snake charmers in India, 1890-1900.
Druse bride of Mt. Lebanon, Syria, 1910-1925.
Views of Thailand, 1890-1923.
Zulu man, 1890-1923.
Two women posed, seated, Saigon, South Vietnam, 1890-1923.
Zulu men near a cauldron, 1920-1930.
Women in Turkish clothing, 1923.
Two Jewish girls on a beach in Tunis, Tunisia, 1860-1890

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