50 Amazing Vintage Photos From the 1930s Volume 3

New York City, 1939.
Construction worker dangles from a crane winch during construction of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Australia, 1930.
Man who works in the packinghouse at Deerfield, Florida having a beer at a roadside stand, 1937.
Family from near Dallas, Texas, 1939.
A girl on the beach at Royan, France, 1930s.
Monks along the River Arno, Florence, 1935.
Family of a migratory fruit worker from Tennessee, camped in a field near a citrus packer at Winter Haven, Florida, January 1937.
Rescue on the Charles River, Massachusett, 1935.
Painting traffic lights, Taylor, Texas, 1939.
Policewoman in Limehouse, England, 1932.
Happy times, London, December 1938.
New York’s Coney Island during the North American heat wave of 1936.
Met police officer, 1937
Woman and her dog in her one room house, Texas, 1938.
Paris on the Champs Elysees, 1939.
The Cenotaph, London, 1930s.
Bartender at the bar, Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania, August 1934.
Snowstorm of December, 1930, Boston, Massachusetts
Mother and son, 1939.
At the Hermitage, Saint Petersburg, 1930.
A man standing in the lumberyard of Seattle Cedar Lumber Manufacturing, 1939.
600 pounds of Halibut, Petersburg, Alaska, 1930s.
Woman and her three kids walking on a Boston street, 1930s.
Prinsengracht, Amsterdam, 1934.
Texas farmers in search of work in New Mexico, 1937.
A caravan for two that can be drawn by a motor cycle, 1939. It is only 9 ft 6 ins long and 5ft wide.
Mother home schools her children in Transylvania, Louisiana, 1937
Row houses in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, 1938
A family Leaving South Dakota for the West, 1936.
Bicycle kiss in the 1930s.
FBI training school, 1932.
King George VI of Britain looking serious, 1938
Fawzia Fuad, Princess of Iran and Queen of Egypt, 1939
Figure drawing with nude model in Academy of Fine Arts, Istanbul, ca. 1930s. NOTE not everyone is drawing.
New York, 1938.
Angelo’s, Columbus, Ohio, August 1938.
Actress Cecilia Parker, 1930s
Actress Mae West and a 1931 Lincoln Dual-Cowl Sport Phaeton.
Ann Dvorak and Raquel Torres, 1930s.
South Street Waterfront, Manhattan, 1935.
Dancing at a nightclub on Central Avenue, Los Angeles, 1938.
A device that helps to correct the application of make-up. Invented by Max Factor (right) in 1930.
Gary Cooper and his wife Rocky, 1934.
Picnic at Huntington Beach, California, 1937.
Bernard Tussaud, grandson of Madame Tussaud, holds two wax heads, one of Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia and the other of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. September 1935.
Hollendyke Wrecking Service, Clarksburg, West Virginia, 1933.
Two roller-skating girls on the rooftop of the Roosevelt hotel in New York, 1930
Woman farewelling ship passengers, 1930.
School children on a trip to London Zoo stop for a beverage break. Fi-Fi the chimpanzee is happy to join in. 1936.
The Direct Fisheries in Osmaston Road, Allenton, UK, 1930.

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