51 Amazing Photos Showing Fashion and Style from the 1930s

Bette Davis
Marlene Dietrich
Wallis Simpson
Vivien Leigh
Katharine Hepburn
Jean Harlow
Ginger Rogers
Joan Crawford
Carole Lombard
Daisy Fellowes
Mona von Bismarck
Barbara Hutton
Sari Maritza
Fay Wray
Sari Maritza
Rochelle Hudson
Pat Royale
Victoria Vinton
Elsa Lanchester
Eleanor Powell
Alice White
Joan Blondell
Judith Barrett
Jean Parker
Gail Patrick
Frances Drake
Thelma Todd
Marian Marsh
Bess Ehrhardt
Edna Callahan
Marion Martin
Juliette Compton
Mae Clarke
Constance Cummings
Wynne Gibson
Ida Lupino
Muriel Angelus
Jean Lorraine
Alice Faye
Priscilla Lane
Amo Ingraham
Karen Morley
Mae West
Paulette Goddard
Constance Bennett
Ann Sheridan
Marion Davies
Dorothy Dandridge
Marie Wilson
Dorothy Burgess
Dorothy Short

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