51 Vintage Historical Photos Showing the United States From 1865 to the 1930s

Circus Parade, in 1908, on Main Street. Goldfield, Nevada.
Chicago’s Wholesale District in 1915
Early 1900s at the Westchester County Fair in New York.
A female gas station attendant, 1927, Chicago.
Firemen, Phoenix Fire Company and Mechanic Fire Company, Charleston, South Carolina, 1865
First public payphones in Los Angeles, CA, 1899
A Captain Nemo float makes it way through the streets of Manhattan during the 1929 Macy’s Day Parade
Florida, June 1929
Computing Division at the Department of the Treasury, mid 1920s
1910s, Ambulance
1897 First Auto in Los Angeles, CA. 1897
Washington, D.C. Dancers, National American Ballet.
Henry Ford with 1921 Model T
Construction of Chicago’s transit system in 1895
Installation of the Statue of Lincoln, 1920
Dr. Elizabeth Bruyn, sitting in the back of a horse drawn ambulance.
Men looking for work during the Great Depression
Man Sweeping Floor of New York Stock Exchange after Crash. 1929.
Los Angeles 1939
Los Angeles Coffee Cafe, 1934
Lumberjacks in California
Los Angeles, 1935 (1st drive-in theatre in the state)
Miss Elinor Blevins, Woman Auto Racer in 1915
New York City at night, 1934
Miss Auto Accessory, 1951
NYC bookmobile, 1930s
New York. Broadway and 49th Street, 1909.
Oil well fire, Southern California, 1931
Portland and Cape Elizabeth Railway in Maine 1896
Rudy Sohn’s barber shop in Junction City, Kansas 1900
Salt Lake Central fire station circa 1891.
School. Washington D.C., 1899
San Francisco after the great earthquake. April, 1906.
Suffrage parade, Washington DC, May 1914
The 1920’s, two women dancing the Charleston on a railing in front of the US Capitol
The Coney Island Elephant was a hotel and brothel built in the shape of an elephant, and located on Coney Island.
NYC 1900s – Flatiron building
The Jersey Shore circa 1910. Bathers at Atlantic City.
Traffic signal tower at 34th St and 5th Ave in New York, 1922.
A Horse-Powered Street Sweeper, New York City, 1907
Italian family on the ferry boat landing at Ellis Island. 1905
Noon hour in East Side factory district, New York. 1912
Workers on girders, Empire State Building. 1930-31
Mules on the levee, New Orleans. 1903.
Fifth Avenue, New York, 1913
Denver Welcome Arch, 1910
Immigrant children, Ellis Island, New York. 1908
Smallest news & post card stand in New Orleans, 103 Royal Street. 1908
Ship’s officers, USS Vicksburg, 1900
A Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad wagon at a level crossing. New York, 1900.
High Street north from State. Columbus, Ohio, circa 1910.

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