31 Amazing Historical Photos of Native American Women From the Past

Pretty Nose, a Cheyenne woman. Photographed in 1878 at Fort Keogh, Montana
A young Ute woman. Photo from 1880-1900.
Isleta Pueblo women – Carlotta Chiwiwi and her daughters, María and Felicíta Toura. Early 1900s.
Cheyenne girl in a beaded dress and breastplate, early 1900s. Oklahoma.
Blackfoot woman and child. Late 1880s. Calgary, Alberta.
Little Bird. An Ojibwe woman. 1908.
Flathead women. Flathead Indian Reservation in western Montana. Photo taken between 1905-1907.
Hopi girls looking out window, Hopi, Arizona. 1900.
Loti-kee-yah-tede. “The Chief’s Daughter.” Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico. 1905.
Stella Yellow Shirt and baby. Brule Sioux. 1899.
Hopi girls, Sichomovi, First Mesa, Arizona. ca. 1900.
Apache girl and papoose. 1903.
An Inuit woman with child. 1900. Alaska.
A girl at Taos Pueblo. New Mexico. 1895.
A Kiowa girl. 1892.
A Tewa girl. 1906.
Two Inuit children, Nome, Alaska. ca. 1900-1908.
Ute women and children. 1894.
Marie and Juan Pierre, children on the Flathead Indian Reservation in western Montana,1905-1907.
Crow women and child. Early 1900s. Crow Indian Reservation, Montana.
Nez Perce girls. Montana. Early 1900s.
Miss Two Bears. Yanktonai. Fort Yates, North Dakota. 1902.
Nowadluk (also known as Nora). Inuit. Nome, Alaska. 1903.
Acoma. Mother and daughter. ca. 1900.
A Crow mother. 1912.
Every Wind. Ojibwe. circa 1910
Nancy Columbia. Inuit. 1904.
Hopi children. 1905
Apache girl with basket. 1902.
Cheyenne girls. 1895
Winyan Tanka with her daughter. Oglala Lakota. 1895

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