50 Amazing Vintage Photos From the 1970s Volume 3

Woman at a public phone in New York City, 1970.
Francoise Hardy walking in a street near the apartment she just rent on the Isle Saint-Louis in Paris. 1970.
Campers at Garner State Park, Texas, 1972.
VW in traffic, Omaha, 1973
Paris, view from Arc de Triomphe, 1975
The Jackson 5 in 1975
Scrapyard in Emeryville, California, 1971
Rickshaws on Nathan Road, Hong Kong, 1972
At the beach in Arraial do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro, 1977
Two girls at their high school lockers, 1970s.
Refreshment at the public beach pier, Florida, 1975
North shore surfing, Oahu, Hawaii, 1973
Brooklyn, 1976
Youths congregate around the front steps of a home in New Ulm, Minnesota, 1970s.
Main Street at Disney World, Florida, 1970s.
Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, Paris, 1978.
Classmates waiting at a bus stop in Chicago’s Tri-Taylor neighborhood on the city’s Near West Side, 1971.
Eiffel Tower in Paris, 1976.
Diana Ross dancing at Studio 54, 1979.
Downtown Dallas in 1976.
That ’70s Class!
Car load of kids to Summer Jam at Watkins Glen, 1973.
Three young men sunbathe on a green Ford Mustang on Daytona Beach, 1973.
Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee, 1972
Steve Jobs in 1977
Diana Ross, 1970s
Two women shelter from heavy rain under a small umbrella, London, 1975.
Looking down a street in Cripple Creek, Colorado, 1977.
Goethestraße, Munich, Germany, 1971.
Typist of the future, 1970.
Pretty roller girl skating with kids, 1970s.
Beautiful young girl on the street, Saigon, 1972.
Mother and daughter taking a walk in New York City, 1970.
Champs-Élysées, Paris, 1976.
Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race in 1971.
Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder at the Motown Studios, 1974.
Jerry Hall, 1974
Three’s a crowd, 1970s.
Chicago in 1971.
Seventh Avenue & W22th Street, New York City, 1976.
8th Avenue, New York City, 1970.
New York City in July 1976.
John Travolta training for Saturday Night Fever, 1977.
Traffic signs in New York City, 1979.
Swedish pop group ABBA posing at Waterloo railway station, 10th April 1974.
Two women hitchhiking in Toronto, Canada, 1974.
A child visiting the Orkin Insect Zoo located in the National Museum of Natural History with an insect on her shoulder, Washington, D.C., 1977.
Young couple at a nightclub in the 1970s.
Shoppers on West 42nd Street between 7th and 8th Avenues in the Times Square area, 1975.
Inmates playing chess from prison cells, Attica Correction Facility, New York, 1972.

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