70 Vintage Photos That Show People Had More Class In The Past

A Young Harrison Ford
American Actor Paul Newman During A Trip On A Water Taxi In Venice, 1963
A Man In A Suit And Sunglasses Rides A Skateboard Down A Hill Path In Central Park, New York, 1965
Louis Armstrong Plays For His Wife In Giza, Egypt, 1961
Sunday Morning On The South Side Of Chicago, 1941
Clint Eastwood Walking In Rome, 1960s
Audrey Hepburn At The Roman Holiday Premiere, 1953
Plunging Necklines In 1950s
A Man Ice Skating, 1937
A Young Couple Dancing Be-Bop At Vieux Colombier Theatre In Paris, 1951
Muhammad Ali
Caroline Kennedy Walks In Front Of Her Father, President Of United States, While He Carries Her Doll, 1963
Cary Grant Stops In London On His Way Home To Bristol To Visit His Mother, 1946
28th October 1963: British actor Sean Connery lounges on a sofa with a cigar. He is in London during filming of the thriller ‘Woman of Straw’ with Gina Lollobrigida.
Sigourney Weaver Dressed As A Man, Los Angeles, 1983
Actress Brigitte Bardot Watching Pablo Picasso At Work In His Studio In Vallauris, 1956
A Stylish Couple In The Rain
Clint Eastwood With Actresses Olive Stargess And Dani Crayne In San Francisco, 1954
A Life Guard, Brighton Beach, New York, 1905
Teenagers On A Date In The 1950s
Elspeth Beard, First Englishwoman To Ride A Motorbike Around The World, 1980s
Sophia Loren, Italian Film Actress, Who Won An Oscar, Grammy, And Golden Globe Awards
Ernest Hemingway Passport Photograph, 1923
1950s Greasers
Carmen Dell’orefice, New York, 1958
English Film Actor Michael Caine At Home With His Mother And Brother, 1964
Queen Elizabeth II And The Duke Of Edinburgh Watching Competitors At The Badminton Horse Trials, 1968
Frank Sinatra Steps Out Of A Helicopter, 1964
Albert Einstein Smoking A Pipe, 1940
British Actress Diana Rigg, Also Known As Olenna Tyrell From Game Of Thrones, 1967
First Actual Photo Session Of The Beatles In Hamburg, 1960
Einstein At Nassau Point, Long Island, New York, 1939
Portrait Session With Marilyn Monroe, 1957
French Actress Brigitte Bardot On The Set Of “The Ballad Of Frenchie King”, 1971
Couple On Michigan Avenue, Chicago, 1975
Teenagers And Their Car
Alice Denham And Her Royal Hh Typewriter In 1957
Actors Dean Martin And Angie Dickinson on the set of Rio Bravo, 1959
Paul McCartney And Mick Jagger Sit Opposite Each Other On A Train At Euston Station, 1967
Children In Ballroom Dancing Class, 1945
Ellen O’Neal, one of the greatest female skateboarders in the 70’s
Teen Fashion In 1950s
Girl On A Scooter
Singer David Bowie Sharing A Cigarette With Actress Elizabeth Taylor In Beverly Hills, 1975
A Young Boy Stealing The Show On The Dance Floor
First U.S. Debutante Ball Held At Versailles Palace, 1958
David Bowie Was Arrested In A Hotel Suite After Performance In Rochester, 1976
Couple Kissing In Times Square On VJ Day, 1945
Chicago Train, 1950s
Elvis In The Army
Audrey Hepburn And George Peppard Filming Breakfast At Tiffany’s In New York, 1960.
American Actor and Director Orson Welles, 1938
Frank Sinatra Arrives At Miami Beach With His Entourage, 1968
Teenage Couple On Hudson Street, New York, 1963
Elton John At His Piano Bar Aboard His Private Jet, 1974
Monterey, California, USA — Jimi Hendrix at Monterey Pop Festival, June, 1967. Taken the day of his debut performance in North America.
Couple With A Cadillac, 1932
Paul Newman And Robert Redford Playing Ping Pong
Old Family Photo
American Actress Faye Dunaway Takes Breakfast By The Pool With The Day’s Newspapers, 1977
Corona Del Mar High School Students Kim Robertson, Pat Auvenshine And Pam Pepin Wear “Hippie” Fashions, 1969
Salesman Mike Dreschler Has His Motorised Roller Skates Refuelled At A Petrol Station Near Hartford, 1961
American Astrophysicist And Cosmologist Neil Degrasse Tyson Was An Amateur Wrestler In High School And College
Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau Arrives With Members Of His New Cabinet For Swearing In Ceremonies At Government House In Ottawa, 1968
The Everly Brothers
Brigitte Bardot, 1959
Fred Astaire
Audrey Hepburn Posing With A Donkey In The Countryside, 1955

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