45 Fascinating Historical Photos Volume 4

Drying out clothes after Hurricane, Boston, 1938.
Bernard Tussaud, grandson of Swiss modeller Madame Tussaud, holds two wax heads, one of Haile Selassie, Emperor of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) and the other of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. September 1935.
New York, 1905.
At the radio station, 1944.
John McCain (front right) with his squadron in 1965.
Survivors of the Wöbbelin concentration camp, 1945.
In February 1905, it was cold enough in St. Louis that the mighty Mississippi River froze solid.
Pyongyang, North Korea,1992.
Soldier of the German Wehrmacht in combat as a sniper sitting on a self-made seat in a tree. 1944.
Che Guevara (R) at the wheel of a US-made car with his second wife Aleida March (L) on their wedding day in Havana. 1959.
Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly Backstage, Oscars, 1956.
Housewife doing laundry using the first electric washing machine – Eatonville WA, 1910.
Convair B-36 aircraft fly over the Capitol for Harry S. Truman’s inauguration, January 20, 1949.
President William McKinley entering the Temple of Music, shortly before being assassinated – Sep 6, 1901
Drummer Ringo Starr is seen holding a sandwich in a scene from the Beatles’ film “A Hard Day’s Night,1964.
French soldiers during the Franco-Prussian War, 1870.
Leo Tolstoy with his granddaughter Tatiana, Yasnaya Polyana, Russia, circa 1910.
A Sandinista militiawoman smiles as she nurses her infant in Matagalpa, Nicaragua during the Contra War, 1984.
A 26 year old Ozzy Osbourne, 1974
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 1913, prisoner in large chains .
Hattie Madders, winner of the Most Scary Woman in the UK title in 1883, was the only woman to hold the boxing heavyweight championship of the world title. Nicknamed ‘The Mad Hatter’ she allegedly won the belt in 1883, stopping Scottish pugilist Wee Willy Harris in the first round of their bout.
Woman in three-wheeled vehicle, Washington, D.C. 1922.
Wassily Kandinsky. With class in Kochel, Germany
Robert McGee, scalped by Sioux Chief Little Turtle in 1864.
Two mummified cats, Egypt, 1200-700 BC
Claudia Cardinale, 1961.
A little girl holds a penguin’s flipper as they walk together at London Zoo, 1937.
Maude Fealy (1883 – 1971) was an American stage and silent film actress who survived into the talkie era. Named “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” in 1903.
Ambulance, 1910s, USA
Edgware Road Station, and the first ever underground train journey, London.1862.
US Coast Guard Cutter Spencer destroys the Nazi submarine U-175, April 17, 1943.
An English nanny driving a motorized pram (stroller), 1922.
Jayne Mansfield with mini Mansfields, 1957.
Nazi Germany’s Indian Legion. France, 1944.
A member of the Ku Klux Klan holds a noose during attempts to suppress black voters in Miami, Fla., in 1939.
Wright brothers’ first flight in 1903 in Kitty Hawk North Carolina
Two boys hold their breath, amazed, on their first elevator ride – 1948.
La Habana, Cuba, 1925
Stephan Bibrowsky (1890-1932), known as Lionel the Lion-Faced Man. Sideshow performer for Barnum & Bailey’s Circus.
Statue of Liberty in Paris, 1877-1885
Inventor Erno Rubik demonstrates his cube in London in 1981
Smoking models learning proper cigarette smoking technique in practice for TV ad, 1953.
Princess Yvonne and Prince Alexander by their mother, Princess Marianne zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn. 1955
Size of the donut hole through the years.
Tsar Nikolai’s II Car with skates, 1917.

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