50 Amazing Vintage Photos From the 1930s Volume 4

Walt Disney showing a cat his Mickey Mouse drawing in 1931.
Tattooed lady at the 1939 New York World’s Fair.
Kings Cross, London, 1931
American burlesque dancer Zorita walks with her pet snake, late 1930s.
Young family, penniless, hitchhiking on U.S. Highway 99, California. November, 1936.
GMC truck in 1931.
Hindenburg at the U.S. Navy hangar, Lakehurst, New Jersey, 1936.
A baby cage hanging outside London apartment window in the 1930s.
Actress Ann Sheridan, 1939
Actress Carole Lombard, 1930s
A form of folk medicine called Cupping Therapy being performed in a sauna in Finland, 1935.
Picasso asleep, 1936
Innocent beauty, 1932.
View of Reykjavik, Iceland, 1930s
Motorcycle cops, Boston, Massachusetts, 1930
A workman takes a siesta on a girder during the building of Radio City, the city of New York spread out below. 1933.
Female snipers, fighting for the government, during the Spanish Civil War. 1936.
Fully dressed chimpanzees sit on chairs and kiss, 1930.
Girl waiting for bus on Beverly Boulevard, interesection at Van Ness, Los Angeles, 1931.
Piccadilly in the rush hour, London, 1930s.
The Blue Goose Cafe, East 87th & South Main, Los Angeles, 1932.
TWA, 1933.
Migrant father and daughter near Harlingen, Texas, February 1939.
A Group Of Bootblacks Gather Around An Old Civil War Veteran In Pennsylvania, 1935
Greta Garbo, 1939
Maryland Crab House, 1938
Laundry, New York 1934
Red cross nurses playing soccer, 1939
Albert Einstein, 1938
Doing An Egg Balancing Act on The Edge of A Knife, 1939
Berlin on the eve of the Nazi Olympics, 1936
Traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge soon after it opened in 1937
Shaving With An Axe, 1930s.
Actress Grace Bradley rides a bike, 1933
Chicago Car Elevator, 1936
Road workers in Paris, 1934
Clark Gable Mask, Venice Beach, 1937
German bicycle sidecar, 1931
Hoot Hoot Ice Cream, 1935
Hot Tub, 1938
Tennis Players, 1930s
Protection Mask, 1936.
Dog chariot, 1930s
Structural worker, Empire State Building, 1930
A “drugstore cowboy” preparing to deliver orders on his bicycle in Texas, 1938.
Thomas Jefferson at Mount Rushmore under construction, 1939.
A man hanging around in what appears to be a NYPD Aerial Police uniform, 1930s
Workers lay bricks to pave 28th Street in Manhattan on October 2, 1930
A woman riding an alligator in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, 1930s
The World’s First Wheelie Ever Photographed, 1936

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