Excellent Vintage Photos That Show 10 Ways to Become an Sexy Edwardian Woman

Edwardian women are not only elegant, they’re also very sexy. So how to become a sexy woman in this era?

Over the Top.
Perfect Pitch. She may only know three cords, but who really cares?
Princess Vampire.
The First Cheerleader.
Two Kittens.
A Peach and a Pose. (Portrait of the lovely Folies Bergère dancer Ève de Milo).
A Quick Peek.
Elegant and Defiant. The cigarette became a symbol for her profession.
Femme Fatale.
Origins of Lady Gaga. This is a circa 1902 photo of Jane Derval who was a dancer at the legendary cabaret “Folies Bergère” in Paris. Derval (like “Lady Gaga” of today) was no stranger to some of the most bizarre fashion contrivances ever put together.

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