50 Amazing Vintage Photos From the 1970s Volume 4

Paul and Linda McCartney, 1974
Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon & John Lennon, 1979.
Men’s fashion in 1974.
Alfred Hitchcock on the set of Frenzy, 1972.
Cher on a bed in bell bottoms and a camisole, smoking a cigarette, 1970s.
Kansas, July 1973.
Men’s tear away pants. Another timeless fashion from the early 70s.
Atari computer demonstration, 1979.
Elton John makes a fashion statement with his denim and patches in 1972.
A look at the Twin Towers in New York City on the since-demolished West Side Highway in the late 1970s.
The US Pavilion for Expo 67 engulfed in flames after a fire broke out during structural renovations, Montreal, May 1976.
George T. Morgan and Eldon ‘Al’ Joersz stand by the legendary SR-71 Blackbird in 1976, they set the world aviation speed record at 2,193 mph and their record still stands.
Stevie Wonder and ‘Grover’ on “Sesame Street” in 1973.
Frank Zappa in his Los Angeles home with his dad Francis, his mom Rosemarie, and his cat in 1970.
One of the last Known Photos of Jim Morrison in Paris on June 28, 1971
Billy Joel in NYC, 1973.
Andy Warhol taking photos of Farrah Fawcett in 1979. Ryan O’Neal now owns Warhol’s portrait of Farrah, at an estimated value of $12,000,000.
Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher promoting “Star Wars” in the late 70s.
Model and movie starlet Cybill Shepherd in the early 1970s.
The Bee Gees: Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb and Robin Gibb, 1978.
David Bowie, 1977
Cool guys at beach, 1970s.
Muhammad Ali greets Aretha Franklin on television in 1975.
Burt Reynolds With Half a Mustache After Steve Martin Dared Him to Shave It Off, 1978
Youth at Lynch Park, Brooklyn, New York, 1974
Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin performing at the American Music Awards of 1978.
Dick Smith turns Dustin Hoffman into 121 year-old ‘Jack Crabb’ in the film, “Little Big Man”, 1970
Street life in East London, 1975.
Dr. Seuss sketching out the Grinch, 1975.
John Wayne with his 3-year-old grandson on the set of The Big Jake. 1971
Steve McQueen and James Coburn were pallbearers at Bruce Lee’s funeral in 1973.
Director Hal Ashby and Carrie Fisher on the tennis court during filming of the movie, “Shampoo” 1975
Jim Morrison, 1970.
Michael Jackson is waiting backstage at a show in London, 1972.
Stevie Nicks, 1977.
People peer through a natural window in the castellated cliffs above the river in White Cliffs, Montana, 1971.
An Egyptian belly dancer performs for tourists in a nightclub in Cairo, 1972.
Riders cross park land created by landfill that was dumped into Jamaica Bay, New York, 1979.
Four entwined cobras, 1970.
The huge Gate of Heavenly Peace, the main entrance to the Forbidden City in Beijing, looms in the dusty early morning haze which partially obscures the sun. This view, taken from Tiananmen Square, shows the tiny figures of people walking along the main thoroughfare leading to the gate, 1978.
Wealthy Muslims examine the wedding finery of a bride in Dacca, Bangladesh, 1972.
Candles mark a procession leaving Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre in Quebec, 1971.
The Statue of Liberty hails dawn over New York Harbor in 1978.
Women sit in a modern chic boutique in Casablanca, 1971
Pedestrians walk on bustling Dotombori Street in Osaka, Japan, March 1970.
An American restaurant chain is patroned by local Abu Dhabian men, October 1975.
A fire hydrant refreshes youngsters on a hot day in Harlem, New York, 1977.
Getting wet, Soho, 1978.
Elton John at home in 1975.
1970s freestyle skateboarder Ellen O’Neal in action.

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