“Just Married!” – 17 Amazing Wedding Cars From the Past

A wedding car in 1966
A Ford Super Deluxe convertible with a 1949 Virginia license plate.
1967 Jaguar XKE
Just Married – A wedding car in Lawton, Oklahoma. April, 1958
A newlywed couple admires their post-wedding car in 1956.
Wedding car in Phoenix, Arizona, 1959.
Sucker. April 1953.
“First Stop”
Bride and groom driving off in an early seventies Triumph 1300.
Wedding car decorated, ca. 1960s
Lincoln Premiere – Wedding car scene, 1958
ca. 1950s
Mercury wedding car, 1948
‘Aisle Alter Hymn’, wedding car, ca. 1940s.
Wedding car, ca. 1970s
1921 Dodge wedding car
A wedding in Worthington, Ohio in 1948.

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