Bernard Philip Hopkins: The Most Hated Man Who Ever Lived

An honest tombstone, finally: “Liar – Thief – Cheat – Selfish – Unsharing – Unloving – Unkind – Disloyal – Dishonorable – Unfaithful”.

Bernard Philip Hopkins was born on December 02, 1904 in Pleasant Hill, Cass County, Missouri, United States. He was the son of Peter Paul Hopkins (1865–1937) from Ireland and Cathrine Noger (1880–1943) from Missouri.

Hopkins was single in 1930 census living in a boarding house as they did sometimes when unmarried back then in Beeville, TX. He married a woman named Lillian Lucille Newman (1907-1988). She first married on Jul 19, 1925 to a man named Jack Moore Plummer with two kids, so she must have married Mr. Hopkins sometime after 1930.

Hopkins died on January 22, 1993 (aged 88) in Caldwell, Burleson County, Texas, USA.

Say what you will about Mr. Hopkins — Lord knows his grave marker has — but the man sure knew how to make an impression.


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