50 Amazing Vintage Photos From the 1920s Volume 6

Three youths lighting a cigarette and wearing coloured straw hats known as ‘boaters’, 1920s.
Photograph of a Venice electric sidewalk car, Los Angeles, ca.1920. Carrying about twenty sitting passengers, including the driver, it sits stationary on the sidewalk in front of a barbershop.
A group of women mock-boxing, 1920s.
Girl learning to roller skate, 1920s.
Long tram turning the corner in front of the Bank of New Zealand, Cathedral Square, Christchurch, 1920.
Woman on a Harley-Davidson Sport 20-J, 1920s.
Two women laying on a pier, 1920s.
Mission Beach beauties celebrate May Day Charleston in San Diego, 1920s
Children listening to radio in swimming pool, 1920s.
Ready to go, late 1920s.
Prominent young girls of Seneca Falls as warriors in honor of the officers and members of the National Woman’s party, 1923.
Cowboy and cowgirl, 1920s.
A fashionable young woman pours alcohol into a cup from a cane, February 1922.
A young woman delivering/collecting milk from the Creamery at Kilmeaden in Waterford, Ireland, 1928.
Children in the playground at Khandallah Park, Wellington, New Zealand, 1927.
William A. Davidson (in sidecar) and William S. Harley show their catch made on Pine Lake in 1924.
Two young ladies posing with a Lancia in an unpaved urban street, Italy, 1920s.
Establishment of the Hollywood Sign, 1923
Orchard Street, New York in the winter of 1926.
Schoolchildren posting letters in the playground of the Red Lion Street School, London, 1926.
School uniforms in China, 1920.
Carnival in Valletta, Malta, 1920s
Two young girls posing for the camera, playing dress-up, holding cigarettes, 1920s.
A child sitting on a Hereford bull near Pleasanton, California, 1926.
The Leopard Girl, 1920s.
Doing the Charleston in front of the Capitol, Washington D.C., 1920s.
Terrace café, Paris, 1925.
Child roller skating with pillows, 1924.
Flappers drinking bootleg alcohol, US, 1925
Telephone installation truck, 1920s.
Cadillac and swimmers at Fleishhacker Pool, San Francisco, 1927.
The LA Public Library’s bookmobile program for the sick, 1928
Women undergoing a slimming course in a courtyard in New York, 1926
Coco Chanel wears an ensemble of her signature jersey at home in Paris, 1929.
Street girls in London, 1920s
Taking pictures on the beach, 1920s
Bathing beauties on the Venice Pier, Los Angeles, CA, 1920
Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone School, Washington D.C., 1928.
A man and his dog on the Overhanging Rock in Yosemite National Park, California, 1924
A waitress stands in the middle of the counters during lunch time at the Exchange Buffet in New York City, 1920s.
Telephone line repairmen at work, 1929
5 dogs on a ladder, 1927
Over 90,000 spectators watch the famous Dempsey-Carpentier fight in Jersey City, 1921
Waiting for roadside assistance, 1926.
Fun at the beach, Chicago, 1922
Men rescuing residents in Rotherhithe, south London, 1928
Howard University students watching a football game, 1920s.
Children playing with worthless money during the hyperinflation in Germany, 1923
Miss Betty Bradley with her pets deer and cat, Beverly Hills, 1920s.
Changing clothes at the beach, 1920s.

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