Hilarious Photos of Souvenir Portraits in the Early 20th Century

Aboard the Airship Noll
Atlantic City Life Boat
Aunt Lora and Uncle Will Are Coming Home
Braving the Whirlpool Rapids at Niagara Falls
Coming Towards Home with Lena Under the Seat
Daddy on the Deck of the F-6 Submarine
Driving and Relaxing
Driving the Red Devil Away
Fahrt ins Blaue
Father and Son with Alligators
Flying Family
Flying High in Colorado
Flying High in Pittsburgh
Garden of the Gods, Colorado
Going Dutch on the Boardwalk, Atlantic City, N.J
Going Some with the Hum dinger of Seattle
Grinning on Airship Pickens
High over Zurich
High-Flying Fivesome
Holding a Bucket Under Niagara Falls
I Don’t Know Where I’m Going But I’m Happy on My Way
I Don’t Know Where I’m Going But I’m on My Way
I’ll Eat Oranges for You – You Throw Snowballs for Me
Inflight Infant in an Early Biplane
Man and Dog with Alligators on the Beach
Man in a Biplane
Men in Bowler Hats
Mother and Son at Niagara Falls
New Orleans Jail
On a Slow Train through Arkansas
On an Airship from San Francisco to New York
Out for a Drive
Paddling Their Own Canoe at Olcott Beach
Seeing Blackpool
Soldiers Aloft
Spirit of St. Louis
The Jolly Crew of Atlantic City Life Boat No. 5
Three Dapper Gents in an Airship
Three Guys in a Plane over Paris
Tiajuana Tipplers
Too Many Places to Go and Too Much to See
Two Cowboys and a Policeman at Brother Jones’ Gin Mill
Two Guys, Two Bottles, and a Paper Moon
Two Men and a Wheelbarrow
We Are Having a Fine Time
You Are the Gorilla of My Dreams

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