50 Amazing Vintage Photos From the 1950s Volume 6

Singer Eartha Kitt riding her bicycle down the street, New York, 1952.
Traffic congestion on Broadway Looking North in New York City, 1954.
A family in Houston at a drive-in restaurant having cool air piped into their car, 1957.
Sofia Loren in Portugal, 1956.
President Dwight Eisenhower driving through Kabul, Afghanistan in an open-top limo. December 9, 1959.
Crawford Avenue and Coney Island Avenue, New York City, 1955.
Mannequins and Carousel, Paris, 1955.
A newlywed couple admires their post-wedding car, 1956.
Jesuit priests hear confessions at the Martyr’s Shrine, near Midland, Ontario, Canada, 1955.
Two women chatting on the railings in Blackpool, 1951.
Marilyn Monroe, 1955
Rock Hudson, 1950s
Grace Kelly in 1955.
Yul Brynner in the 1956 movie “The Ten Commandments.”
Colorful campus fashions, 1957.
Ladies in bathing suits with creepy masks, 1950s.
Marilyn Monroe doing a headstand at the beach, 1952.
Princess Elizabeth in poodle skirt and her husband Prince Philip enjoy an old-fashioned hoedown at a private party in Ottawa, Canada, October 11, 1951.
Elizabeth Taylor, early 1950s.
Rock Hudson, 1958.
Ella Fitzgerald singing at Mr. Kelly’s, Chicago, 1958.
Frank Sinatra digs into a tall stack of pancakes during the filming of “From Here to Eternity”, 1953.
Unicycle Window Kiss, 1950s.
Friuli, Italy, 1952.
Two boys, a girl, and some monkey bars, 1954.
Alfred Hitchcock serves tea to Grace Kelly on the set of Dial M for Murder (1954).
Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Suddenly, Last Summer, 1959
Life-size dollhouse, 1950s.
To Marilyn with Love , 1956.
Snorkeling in Montego Bay, Jamaica, 1958.
Getting to hold the flag for the pledge of allegiance, 1950s.
Smoking cowgirl and her unimpressed friend, 1950s.
Barbra Streisand and brother, Sheldon in Brooklyn, 1952.
Jack Kennedy & Jacqueline Bouvier walking together, 1952.
Tailgate party, 1954.
1956 Ford Fairlane Sunliner Convertible in fab two-tone with matching interior fabrics.
Stickball, New York City, 1950.
Jacqueline Kennedy swings her daughter Caroline in the shallows at Hyannis Port, Massachusetts in 1959.
Marilyn Monroe at the opening of the USA-Israel Football International, at Ebbets Field in 1959.
Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, and Laraine Day arriving at the New York International Airport, 1954.
Girls playing on the street, 1956.
Phone from car, 1950s.
Little girl balancing on her dad’s hands, 1959.
A boy getting a Pepsi, 1950s.
Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth (both 30 at the time) meet at a movie premier in London. October 1956.
Picasso and Jean Cocteau at a bullfight in Vallauris, France, 1956
First haircut, 1955.
A quiet street in Virginia, 1957.
A little girl sharing a story with the family feline, Melbourne, Australia, 1950s
Timeless sunbathers in Positano, Italy, 1959.

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