50 Amazing Vintage Photos From the 1920s Volume 7

A couple on a motorcycle at the beach in Margate, England, 1920s
Workers at an American company line up to ‘clock on’ to work, 1926
A rush for trams on the Embankment in London during the railway strike, ca. 1920s.
Five fashionable girls posing with St Paul’s Cathedral in the background, Melbourne, 1920s
Shopping for new a suit, 1920.
Cameramen in the office in New York City, 1929
Pair of girls lighting up, 1920s.
Flapper girl posing with classic car, 1920s
Saint Lawrence Canal, Ontario, Canada, 1928
The changing shape of female swimwear, from Victorian era to late the 1920s.
Wilson Beach, Chicago, 1922
Snapped at the Tidal Basin – Mildred Kapleck with her pet opossum, the latest novelty introduced at the bathing beach, Washington, D.C., 1922.
Sydney Chaplin (brother of Charlie Chaplin) and his puppies at his home near Hollywood, 1927.
Girl lounging in a box full of rabbit fur, Washington D.C, 1929
Cigar-smoking child, Washington DC, 1928.
Coconut climbing kids of old Ceylon, Sri Lanka, 1920s
Four men standing on the roof of a downtown office building to watch a bi-plane flying overhead, St.Louis, Missouri, 1920s
Paris in the 1920s
Dundee City Fire Brigade’s Leyland fire engine, 1923
Lady in a touring car along the Southern California coast line, 1920s.
Pretty ladies enjoying themselves while seated in the luggage compartment of a 1929 Hudson Motor Car in San Francisco, California.
A couple of dapper photographers from the 1920s.
Crowd on the Coney Island beach in 1922
Street view, Washington D.C., 1920s.
Two pretty girls balancing on a teeter-tooter inside a ‘Willy-Knight’ convertible motor car in San Francisco, California, 1925.
Beautiful bathers posing on the fence, 1920s
School bus near Ranchvale, New Mexico, north of present day Cannon Air Force Base, 1920.
Washington D.C., 1920s.
Aux Dames De France, Cannes, 1920s
A family at the beach on their summer vacation, 1920s
Berlin in 1921.
The first version of a mobile radio telephone being used in, 1924.
A woman standing in the doorway of an RV/camper at an exhibition in London, 1927.
Trafalgar Square, London, 1920s.
A trilithon in Stonehenge, Amesbury, Wiltshire, 1920.
Fritzi Ridgeway, silent film actress, and a snowman, 1924.
Two women looking to the west of the village of Stowe to Mount Mansfield, Stowe, Vermont, 1927.
Blow-drying, 1920s.
Female motorist stops for gasoline in Los Angeles, CA, 1920s.
Shopping in the 1920s.
Child seat with toddler front of the bike, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1925.
Chrysler Building under construction, NYC, 1929.
Philadelphia Street, Whittier, California, 1924.
Little Gloria Vanderbilt in a fabulous toy car with her dog running beside, Paris, 1920s.
Paris, 1928.
Snow in Washington, D.C., January 1922.
Daredevil in Philadelphia, 1926.
Young boy sitting on the bonnet of an early motor vehicle submerged in mud in Rankin Street, Innisfail, Queensland, Australia in 1925.
Cars and wagons clutter crowded Quincy Market, Boston, 1925.
Girl checks for repairing her car, 1920s.

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