Vintage Pre-War Photos Of Women And Their Motorcycles

Two ladies astride an 1895 Crank Drive Motorcycle (r) and a 500 New Imperial Twin (l), which has reached 114 mph at Brooklands

circa 1925: A woman on a beach in California with her Harley Davidson and boyfriend, who is sitting in the side car.
Santa Monica, California. 1920
The Women’s Royal Air Force (WRAF) During The First World War, A motorcyclist with the Women’s Royal Air Force (WRAF) on a Clyno motorcycle combination, circa 1916.
Percy Platt’s Motor Cycle Shop in Union Street. Oldham, Manchester, c1915.
Portrait of two motorcyclists, a man and a woman, standing together with their vehicles, ca1910, United States
circa 1940: Ministry of Information dispatch riders on their motorbikes.
circa 1935: A rather large woman riding a mini-autobike.Tiny Griffin preparing to take part in a South California Bicycle Parade at Ocean Park.
Marjorie Dare (Doris Smith) riding with around ‘The Wall of Death’ sideshow at the Kursaal amusement park in Southend, Essex, 1938.
9th January 1927: A woman entrant in the Ladies only Motor Cycle Reliability Trial at Alexandra Palace, London.
1926: A competitor at the Ladies’ Bike Trials at Alexandra Palace, north London.
23rd September 1925: The Debenham sisters wearing fur and waterproof clothing for the winter motorcyclist. The women are riding BSA cycles.
1925: Two women set off on a BSA motorbike to play tennis after work.
circa 1925: Women of Achille Serre Ltd’s Private Fire Brigade setting off on their motorcycle and sidecar to compete in the London Private Fire Brigades’ Tournament. They are defending champions in the women’s events.
22nd August 1925: Miss E Foley and Miss L Ball on their motorcycles at the International Six Days Reliability Trials at Brooklands race track.
September 1923: Three women waiting to start their midget motorcycle race.
March 1923: A woman on a Velocette motorcycle at the ACU Trials in Birmingham.
August 1917: Woman despatch rider for the A I D during World War I.
circa 1920: Four women motorcycle racers in Germany, including Marjorie Cottle.
June 1921: A woman riding a horse alongside a woman on a motorcycle in Hyde Park, London.
3rd November 1920: British comic actor Leslie Henson (1891 – 1957) and his wife Madge Saunders at Slough.

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