25 Vintage Photos of Jaguar Cars in England During the 1980s and Early 1990s

Jaguar is the luxury vehicle brand of Jaguar Land Rover, a British multinational car manufacturer with its headquarters in Whitley, Coventry, England. Jaguar Cars was the company that was responsible for the production of Jaguar cars until its operations were fully merged with those of Land Rover to form Jaguar Land Rover on 1 January 2013.

Jaguar’s business was founded as the Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922, originally making motorcycle sidecars before developing bodies for passenger cars. Under the ownership of S. S. Cars Limited, the business extended to complete cars made in association with Standard Motor Co, many bearing Jaguar as a model name. The company’s name was changed from S. S. Cars to Jaguar Cars in 1945. A merger with the British Motor Corporation followed in 1966, the resulting enlarged company now being renamed as British Motor Holdings (BMH), which in 1968 merged with Leyland Motor Corporation and became British Leyland, itself to be nationalised in 1975.

Jaguar was spun off from British Leyland and was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1984, becoming a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index until it was acquired by Ford in 1990. Jaguar has, in recent years, manufactured cars for the British Prime Minister, the most recent delivery being an XJ in May 2010. The company also holds royal warrants from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.

Ford owned Jaguar Cars, also buying Land Rover in 2000, until 2008 when it sold both to Tata Motors. Tata created Jaguar Land Rover as a subsidiary holding company. At operating company level, in 2013 Jaguar Cars was merged with Land Rover to form Jaguar Land Rover Limited as the single design, manufacture, sales company and brand owner for both Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles.

Since the Ford ownership era, Jaguar and Land Rover have used joint design facilities in engineering centres at Whitley in Coventry and Gaydon in Warwickshire and Jaguar cars have been assembled in plants at Castle Bromwich and Solihull.

On 15 February 2021 Jaguar Land Rover announced that all cars made under the Jaguar brand will be fully electric by 2025. (Wikipedia)

A cool photo collection from old-days-better that shows his old Jaguar cars taken from the 1980s to early 1990s.

‘E’ Type Jaguar at Dent in the Yorkshire Dales
Jaguar 420G 1970. (SED 909H) British Racing Green in Dunham Massey, 1984
Jaguar MK VII of 1952 in Lancashire, 1986
Brand New Jaguar in 1987
Jaguar 420G with new Daimler Limousines at Coventry factory, 1987
Jaguar XJS Brand New at the Coventry factory in 1987
New Jaguar Cars on transporters, 1987
New Jaguars and Daimlers at Coventry, 1987
New Jaguars at Coventry, 1987
Jaguar (MK10) 420g 1970 (SED909H) in Duham, 1989
1970 Jaguar 420G SED 909H (ED is Warrington Cheshire Registered)
1975 Jaguar Coupe red leather interior
1975 Jaguar XJC Coupe
1975 Jaguar XJC old English white
Jaguar 420G (SED 909H) at Blackpool in 1990
Jaguar 420g 1970 (SED 909H) in Cheshire with historic brick pillared barn behind
Jaguar 420g 1970 (SED 909H) in Cheshire
Jaguar 420G at local classic car meet
Jaguar ‘Heaven’ our garage in the early 1990s
Jaguar XJC 4.2 at the G-MEX Classic Car Show Manchester
Jaguar 2 Door Coupe 1975, taken in 1991
Jaguar 420G at Blackpool, 1991
1975 Jaguar XJ Coupe at Aintree in 1992
Jaguar Coupe XJC 1975 (HEK 4N) at Aintree Stadium in 1992
Two of our cars at Gawsworth Hall in 1993

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