22 Vintage Photographs of Actress Kelly LeBrock From the Early 1980s

Born in New York City, model/actress Kelly LeBrock was raised in London, as evident in her British-accented ’80s mantra: “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

Kelly LeBrock got into modeling at the age of 16. She was scouted while attending a party in her native New York. Her first modeling gig was a British Airways ad. Following the success of the gig, LeBrock decided to make a career out of modeling. The New York native tasted success just a few years into her career. She graced the cover of several magazines including Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and among others. She also featured in commercials for several companies such as Pantene and Christine Dior.

When the modeling lifestyle became too draining, LeBrock switched to acting and again was instantly successful at it thanks to the films The Woman in Red (1984) and Weird Science (1985). LeBrock’s personal troubles would force her to retract from the limelight in the ’90s. Since then she has made only occasional appearances in the media.


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