15 Vintage Photos of Famous Musicians at Play

9-year-old Petula Clark attending a BBC broadcast, 1942
Waylon and Ritchie Valens, circa 1957-59
Connie Francis, May 1959
Davy Jones, circa 1960s
Jimi Hendrix and The Monkees. Michael Nesmith beside him, Peter Tork across from him, photo by Micky Dolenz, late 1960s
Ricky Nelson, Atlantic City, July 2, 1960
The Beatles members performing in their early days, circa 1960
Brian May, 1963
Dick Dale playing ‘The Beast’ in Burgundy-Mist, before it was re-painted in Gold-Sparkle, early 1963
Joey Heatherton, 1964
Joey Ramone at 15, 1966
The Doors at KFRC Magic Mountain Music Festival, Mt. Tamalpais, CA, June 1967
Mary Hopkin and Paul McCartney, September 1968
A very young Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, and Frank Beard in a photo for a Texas prom round, circa 1970
Poly Styrene from the X-Ray Spex at the Red Cow, London, 1977. (Photo by Jeremy Gibbs)

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