15 Vintage Photos Show Beautiful Bridal Fashion in the 1960s

Weddings looked so cool and classic back then. These old pictures of brides in the 1960’s are even more romantic as they show beautiful brides in their classic gowns at the happiest moments of their lives. Bridal fashion has changed so much but it seems that nothing can replicate this timeless beauty.

Charlie Chaplin at his daughter’s wedding in 1969.
A 1962 bride waits for her ceremony to begin.
Sporting a mini-wedding dress in 1968.
The wedding of Countess Anne Marie Jeanne de Chauvigny de Blot in 1968.
Elizabeth Taylor’s 1964 wedding to Richard Burton
A photo from 1966 shows a bride in a long-sleeved style gown.
The beautiful Martha Boss, who was apparently a top bridal model.
Henrietta Tiark’s wedding, 1961.
1968 newlyweds.
Bridesmaids in pink, 1966.
A bride in a sweet dress, Paris, 1963.
Shirley Bassey on her wedding day to Kenneth Hume.
A 1960 dress style.
Candice Bergen on set of the The Adventurers in 1963.

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